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HowTo request a new eFLOW License


Question / Problem: 

eFLOW License has expired or a new license is needed.

Answer / Solution: 

We are pleased to inform you that Kofax has a dedicated team focused on the processing of eFLOW License requests. This covers all types of License requests from Development through to Production.

Please contact our Sales Support Team under the following mail addresses, depending on your region:

If your license is about to expire or has already expired, please use the details provided below to request a new license.

When you contact the Sales Support Team of your region, please include the following information:

Please be aware that our Technical Support Team can only issue Emergency Licenses for 2 to 3 months upon request.

You only need to open a Support Case if you require an Emergency License.  Please also consider that our License Team will need time to deliver a License to you, so the earlier you can provide License Details before the Expiration Date the better.

Applies to:  

Product Version
eFLOW 4.x
eFLOW 5.x
eFLOW 6.x



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