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HowTo retrieve the License ID from eFLOW Installation

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Question / Problem: 

HowTo retrieve the License ID from eFLOW Installation

Answer / Solution: 

Your eFLOW Installation has only one License ID for License purposes. This License ID is fixed to your eFLOW Server. If you need a new license, you will be asked by our support engineers to specify the License ID.

To retrieve the License ID you need to follow the next steps:

1.       Start eFLOW Administrate.

You can do this by starting LaunchPro and then select Administrate from the Tools list.


2.       Open License dialog.

In Administrate right click on Domain Configuration and then select License.


3.       License ID.

Save the value displayed in field License ID and add it to your Support Case.



Applies to:  

Product Version
eFLOW 5.x
eFLOW 6.x



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