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Service "eFLOW Service Audit Updater" is missing

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The Service  "eFLOW Service Audit Updater" is missing or needs to be reinstalled. 

Service  "eFLOW Service Audit Updater" is used to update eFLOW_RolesManager database with new or changed User and Group information from DomainSecurity.xml file. If this service is not running or installed, new or updated User/Group information can't be transported to the database. 






With at least PowerShell Version 6.0 you can install the service with cmdlet "New-Service". See below an example. Please make sure, that you check the path from below, if it matches your installation path. 


Install Service "eFLOW Service Audit Updater"

New-Service -Name "eFlow Security Audit Updater" -BinaryPathName "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Tis Web Site\TisDefaultSTS\Bin\eFlow.Security.DomainSecurityAuditUpdater.exe"

Start-Service -Name "eFLOW Security Audit Updater"


Remove Service "eFLOW Service Audit Updater"

Stop-Service -Name "eFLOW Security Audit Updater"

Remove-Service -Name "eFlow Security Audit Updater"


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eFLOW 6.x      


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Article # 3048899
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