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Stop eFLOW Server and all Client Stations

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Question / Problem: 

Sometimes it is required to do changes on the eFLOW Server or Database Servers. During those changes eFLOW itself needs to be stopped. See a description how this can be done below.

Answer / Solution: 

eFLOW uses the IIS Website for the server side and Stations with & without user interaction. In the below steps it is explained how to stop eFLOW Server and the Client Stations.


Stopping eFLOW Client Station with User Interaction, like Scan Station, Validate and such:

1. Users should process the collection they work on right now in their Station

2. Close all open eFLOW Station 


Stopping eFLOW Client Station without User Interaction, like Recognize, Deliver, ePortal and such:

1. Start Administrate Station 


2. Click on Autorun Stations as indicated above

3. Right click on Autorun Stations and choose "Disable Autorun"


4. Wait 10 minutes and check in Control if all Autorun Stations ( in our example Recognize and Deliver Stations) are stopped

5. Green check bubbles indicate the Station is active, yellow check bubbles indicated the Station is inactive

Active Stations


Inactive Stations


6. In Administrate Station under Autorun Stations the list of all Stations, plus on which Server (Primary Node) they have been started, is shown. 


7. Optional: Connect to the Servers (using Remote Desktop or similar) in the list and open Task Manager. Make sure no eFLOW Station is running under Details in Task Manager. eFLOW services begin with ef*, ERP* or Input*. If there are still services running after you stopped the Autorun Stations in Administrate and waited 10 minutes, you can end the Task in Task Manager


8. Make sure to close Administrate and Control Station.


Stop the eFLOW Server:

1. Make sure you closed all Client Station with or without User Interaction

2. Open up the IIS on the eFLOW Server 


3. Click on the Server Name and click on "Stop" under Actions tab


4. Now the eFLOW Server is stopped


Applies to:  

Product Version
eFLOW 5.x
eFLOW  6.x



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