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Unlocking locked Collection

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Question / Problem: 

Sometimes collections are locked and there is no station or user processing the collection. The collections stay locked, even after a restart of eFLOW or the Server machine. The root cause for this behavior is, that the collection information in the Workflow Database of the Application is set to locked Status. Only setting it manually to Available will solve this situation. See below how to do so.

Answer / Solution: 

Here is an example how to find locked collection and unlock them:

1. Let's say the Application is called "eFLOWApp", then its workflow DB is "eFLOWApp_Workflow". Login to SQL e.g. using SQL management studio and click at the workflow database.

2. Go to the table called "E_Unit". Find the collection that was locked, the "name" column is the collection name.

3. At the record, you should be able to find the "Queue Status" is having "2" value which means it is locked.

4. Use SQL statement or via the management studio tool to edit the record.... change the value "2" to "3" (means HOLD).

5. Commit the change and check again via Controller (click refresh).


You may want to consider upgrading your eFLOW version.

* There is mechanism in later version (e.g. 5.2 SP1) that will auto release collection that has been locked and station is idling/has closed, after some minutes 10-20 min.

Applies to:  

Product Version
eFLOW 5.1.x



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