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What to do when eFlow sporadically says 'Activation period expired' on a License that has been activated long time ago

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Question / Problem: 

Sometimes eFlow stops working and the cause is a false claim 'Activation period expired' (while the license had been activated long before).
A workaround for just bringing the production site up is IISReset. But this will not prevent the error from reocurring. Is there a long term solution?

Answer / Solution: 

Typically this errror happens when the AppPoolUser is a defined technical user-id (rather than the standard AppPoolIdentity)

When you change the IIS Parameters as follows, the problem will probably not reappear:

IIS Parameter changed (in the TISAppPool Advanced Properties):

Idle Time 0,
Load User profile -> True
DisableOverlappedRecycle -> True

These changes are the result of a long analysis running Process Monitor against w3wp.exe. It is still not clear which of the 3 changes does the solution. But at several customer’s environments there has never been a problem setting them all 3. (As the problem comes only sporadically every couple of days, I did not further investigate if all 3 parameter changes are needed. Or only 1 or 2 of them.)

Enter How to here:

  1. open InetMgr.exe   (IIS Management GUI)
  2. rightclick TisAppPoo and set the parameters as in the screenshot

  3. OK and Close and Recycle the AppPool (or IISReset).


Applies to:  

Product Version
eFlow 5.x



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