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eFLOW 4.5 SP4 and extra large collection

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Question / Problem: 

A customer has the following scenario:

  • eFLOW version is 4.5 SP4
  • application is mailroom + self developed stuff
  • EDC and SQL Server are on the same machine with 12 GB RAM

Now they have a collection >12000 pages that crashes an efSimpleAuto (Station is called BatchManager) with a System.OutOfMemoryException:

“…………..DATE=14.01.16 14:03:52.7094028;SEVERITY=ERROR;MODULE=;PID=efSimpleAuto.exe:6268;USER=RM1.DOM\wom_adm

MSG=Exception of type System.OutOfMemoryException [Eine Ausnahme vom Typ "System.OutOfMemoryException" wurde ausgelöst.] …….” (see attached Logfile, Line 93).

RAM Monitoring says that usage was no more than 6 GB.

Answer / Solution: 

using the 4gb_patch ( it is possible to double the address space for 32-bit processes (from ~1,7 to ~3,4 GB).

So the efSimpleAuto in fact did not crash any more.

Thanks to Krister Persson

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Applies to:  

Product Version
eFlow  4.5 SP4



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