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eFLOW 6 Azure Installation - What can help if there are login problems

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eFLOW 6 Azure Installation - What can help if there are login problems

Azure Installations are normally as functional as VM installations. You normally have the same "problems" as if you installed on a VM. Please try to solve this issues first. If this does not help, here is a catalogue of things to check.

- Installation User

In Azure Installations the "Admin" User given to you, might not have the same permissions then the Admin User you get on a VM Installation. Please ask your Azure Team what permissions exactly this User has. Check with the permissions a User should have for installing eFLOW. Make sure the permissions on files, folders and registry entries are there. Like for example AppData and BIN.

- TLS and other Registry Keys

The certificates and permissions IIS and it's TISAPPPool needs, are also sometimes problematic on Azure. Sometimes several TLS related errors are encountered on Azure. Please see the list of helpful microsoft articles:

  • Check .NET Framework

  • TLS 1.2

Nicely explained here:

What you would need to add:

  • Check Database connection

  • Set privileges for TISAPPPool,Add%2Fremove%20snap%2Din.&text=Right%2Dclick%20your%20certificate%20and,give%20it%20%E2%80%9Cread%E2%80%9D%20privileges.

  • Set privileges on the Registry Kexs

- Reinstalling eFLOW

After you checked everything and made sure all is good, please reinstall eFLOW to take effect.



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