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eFLOW Launch (Not PRO) question

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Question / Problem: 

A customer is asking me:

  1. if we can avoid the Collect station (Yellow below) to appear in the Launch (not PRO) ? The user should not be allowed to run this station.
  1. Is there some way to have eFLOW Control icon on this Launch, so the supervisor of the typists can connect?


Answer / Solution: 

I think the stations showing up in the launch is via the roles and permissions so if Collect is not allowed for the role then it should not show up.

You can create a station in the workflow – not connected to anything and assign the controller exe to it – just did it for a client in the UK and it works:


Just an addition information to the workaround.

When we add the Custom Station for efControl, we need to uncheck StandBy and Allow Unattended, or the station will only appear in LaunchPro and not in the regular Launch.


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Applies to:  

Product Version
eFlow 5.x



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