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eFlow 5.2 - SQL error

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Question / Problem: 

We’re currently at a customer’s, trying to install eFlow 5.2. We’re hitting the issue wherein the eFlow DBs (Mgt and Monitor) are not getting created. Tried multiple iisresets. AppPool user (domain acct) is sysadmin, can create DB on server.

The error logged in SQL log is:

“Login failed for user ‘ABC’. Failed to open the explicitly specified database.”

Answer / Solution: 

Additional info regarding the error. There were DirectoryNotFoundException errors in TISLogs complaining about eFlow not being able to access H:\SQLLogs folder (this is the Log folder on the remote SQL server). We confirmed that the domain account (that’s running TisAppPool) can see and access (read/write) this folder.

Don’t know why eFlow doesn’t see it.

We tried to create the eFlowManagement and eFlowMonitor DB shells to see if eFlow would be able to populate the DBs with objects. Didn’t help (which is consistent with error above).

We then ran scripts to populate the eFlowManagement and eFlowMonitor DBs and it worked after that.

So we investigated further and found the issue (which I vaguely remembered seeing with earlier versions of eFlow as well).

Here’s the analysis in case you’re interested.

Our customer’s environment setup

eFlow on server A. Server A has 2 physical drives: C & D. eFlow is installed on drive D.

  • SQL is remote, on server B. Server B has 4 physical drives, C, D, H & I. In SQL, mdf files are configured to be on D:\SQLData\ while ldf files are configured to be on H:\SQLLogs.

What we confirmed happened (at least in eFlow 5.2):

  • When eFlow is installed (or iisreset), eFlow tries to create the eFlowManagement & eFlowMonitor DBs (expected). However, we found that it first somehow tries to create a SQLData folder on D:\ and SQLLogs folder on H:\ of the eFLOW server.

  • It’d be able to create the SQLData folder on D:\ but was not able to create the SQLLogs folder on H:\ because the eFlow server does not contain an H:\ drive (we’d get an error in TISlog saying it can’t find the H:\SQLLogs\ directory). This caused the eFlowManagement and eFlowMonitor DBs to not get created.

  • Once we switched the Log path on SQL from H:\SQLLogs to D:\SQLLogs (or C:\SQL_Logs), it worked fine, i.e. DBs got created automatically by iisreset. If we run manually the scripts to create those DBs, it worked too.


Applies to:  

Product Version
eFlow 5.2 & above



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