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eFlow 5.x - Clearing Ghost Processes and releasing licenses from Database

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Question / Problem: 

We are having an issue where autorun is only starting up 22 stations when we have 25 configured.

AutoRun configuration lists 25 stations.

Answer / Solution: 

Solution Provided

1 - Stop / close all running stations, including Autoruns.

2 - Then go to the SQL Server instance being used by on the eFlow_Management database, run these commands:


 FROM [eFlow_Management].[dbo].[L_LicenseFeaturesUsage]


 FROM [eFlow_Management].[dbo].[L_NodeHash]


 FROM [eFlow_Management].[dbo].[E_Node]

and on the _workflow database, run this command:


 FROM [E_Session]

3 - Start stations and autoruns.


This will clear rogue stations and their license usage as well.

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Product Version
eFlow 5.x



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