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eFlow 6 and SQL Dynamic Storage

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Question / Problem: 

What experiences do we have with customers running eFlow 6 together with “SQLDynamicStorage=true”? Are there any known issues?

In the log from a customer (who switched his eFlow6 installation to SQLDynamic Storage), it often says “Unerwartetes Dateiende” (unexpected end of file)

And also entries like “System.Xml.EncodingStreamWrapper.ReadBOMEncoding(Boolean notOutOfBand)”  where BOM probably stands for “Byte Order Mark”.

I wonder if there may be issues with the serialization/deserialization of the configuration files?

Answer / Solution: 

What they did (and what resolved the issue):  

  • Remove all collections from the workflow
  • Uninstall the application
  • Reinstall the application CAB

The customer’s XML files were OK (all with encoding UTF-8).

Thanks Sergei, Brian, & Ulrike for your hints.

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