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eFlow Administrate Feature 'New Logins not allowed'

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Question / Problem: 

Situation: eFlow Core works, e.g. Administrate can be started. The connection to the database server is faultless, all databases are present and visible. But neither control nor any station of the application can be started. 

The eventlog shows error messages like: "TISAppenderLog4net.Log4NetException: Station login failed. "


Answer / Solution: 

Instead of spending hours analyzing network connections or IIS problems or searching for missing files or even reinstalling the application via CAB File: 

Check in Administrate if 'New Logins not allowed' is behind the application name. If this feature is enabled, it leads to the situation described above. 

Enter How to here:

  1. Activate 'Allow new Logins', ignore error messages.
  2. Close Administrate and Reopen, it will show the Application name without the 'New Logins not allowed'
  3. Start Control or one of the stations - they will work again


Applies to:  

Product Version
eFlow 5.x +



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