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Configuring eFlow Web Station Direct Access (allowDirectLogInToStation)

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Whenever we login to eFlow Web Station, we always have to select the application and its station.  How could we skip this and access to the specific application and station directly similar as how we could do it with shortcut when using eFlow thick client?


  • eFlow Web Stations include WebValidate, WebScan, WebFrontOffice.



In each eFLOW Web Host (WebValidate/WebScan/WebFrontOffice), there is web.config file and in it, there is this param:

  • <add key="allowDirectLogInToStation" value="False" />
  • e.g. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WebValidate\Web.config

Here we will take WebValidate as an example to describe the solution.

The default WebValidate login flow is as follows

  1. User need to access the Web validate URL ( for ex : http://localhost/WebValidate)
  2. Provide the Login credentials
  3. Select Application and Station
  4. Fetch the collection and manual data entry

By default, the WebValidate server (Web Host) is configured to use Anonymous and Forms Authentication

If windows authentication is enabled, user who is accessing WebValidate URL if available in DomainSecurity.xml, will get automatically logged in skipping step 2.

The flag allowDirectLogInToStation when set to true enables users to directly access a web station skipping step 1-3 using following URL format.

  • http://<<Server>>/WebValidate/Management/LoginToStation?applicationName=<<ApplicationName>>&stationName=<<StationName>>&isRememberMe=true
  • Example: http://localhost/WebValidate/Management/LoginToStation?applicationName=SimpleDemo&stationName=Validate&isRememberMe=true
  • In both the cases i.e allowDirectLogInToStation is either set to True or False and is valid only in case of Windows authentication
  • When the param is set to false, the user can't access the station and will be redirected to Logout Page
  • We can then add bookmark for the above mentioned URL at the browser for the shortcut.
  • The application and station name is case sensitive as per how it was named at the Visual Designer.
  • If you set "IsRememberMe=false" then you will get the prompt for you to enter your AD login ID and password.


  • At the IIS, for authentication change, you have to change it for the Web Host but you can only choose either Form or Windows Authentication.
  • If you were to do it at PROD environment then you should first verify it in test environment, prepared for contingency (rollback) and get necessary backup done for PROD.
  • When you have made changes to different authentication mode or changed the flag in web.config then please do IIS reset  (min. restart the Web Host AppPool).
  • When using Windows Authentication, then there is no need for any entry at UserIds.xml as it is based on only DomainSecurity.xml.
  • When using Windows Authentication, if you ever get a login prompt then you can enter your AD login ID and password, otherwise it should be direct access like client station.
  • **This solution may work for eFlow 5 (not fully tested).


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Article # 3040255
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