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Retaining KC Classification in KTM

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Retaining KC Classification in KTM

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Relevant version: KTM 4.0


This article deals with the scenario where you wish to perform classification within Kofax Capture and retain this classification within KTM. The potential use case for this could be if you wished to use the KC bar code/separator sheet functionality, which allows you to automatically remove the separator sheet after classification.


When a Document has been classified by Kofax Capture (KC), it is assigned a KC Form Type. This Form Type is written to the Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) XDoc when it is created, and is accessible as an item in the XValues collection. This allows you to use this Form Type to classify within KTM, as long as you can make a match between the KC Form Type and a KTM class.


This approach requires some specific KC Batch Class configuration for the simplest solution:

After initially synchronizing the KTM project with a KC Batch Class, rename the Form Types created so that they match the KTM class names. i.e. after synchronization, if your KTM classes are named "Class1" and "Class2," KC will create Form Types "FT_Class1" and "FT_Class2." Remove the "FT_" bit from the Form Type name so that they match exactly.

You can then use a script to retain the KC classification:

At the project level, use the Document_AfterClassifyXdoc hook to reclassify to the value stored for the KC Form Type.

Private Sub Document_AfterClassifyXDoc(ByVal pXDoc As CASCADELib.CscXDocument)

   Dim KC_Formtype As String

   KC_Formtype = pXDoc.XValues.ItemByName("AC_FORMTYPE").Value

End Sub

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AXPRO 5.5 Project Builder
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