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What are the field Reread options in KTM Project Builder; and how can I configure them?

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Question / Problem:

What are the field Reread options in KTM Project Builder, and how can I configure them?

Answer / Solution:

Reread Options

The reread option allows zone recognition for a field using a specialized OCR profile, such as, recognizing an amount using a numeric profile.

As preconditions, extraction must have a valid field location from a locator and an OCR profile must be assigned.

For rereading, a zone is placed over the field result on the document to perform OCR again with the selected OCR profile. The result of this zone recognizer replaces the original result if the minimum reread confidence is reached.

Drop Down List

By default, rereading is not performed. To enable this option, select an OCR profile from the list. This profile will be used if it is necessary to reread the document.


Note: In addition, a script event (_AfterFieldReread) is available to control which value is overwritten as field result.

OCR Profiles...

Click this button to open the Project Settings Profiles tab dialog box to change the settings of an existing profile or to add additional profiles.

The preceding information is taken from the KTM Project Builder Online Help (you may reach this by opening KTM Project Builder, navigating to the portion of KTM Project Builder that you have a question on, and hitting the F1 key, which will automatically bring up the KTM Project Builder Online Help).

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AXPRO 3.5 Configuration
AXPRO 3.5 Project Builder
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