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*** Archive *** *** Archive *** Validation Method - Verify Current Instance of KTM Validation

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Question / Problem: 

Validation Method - Verify Current Instance of KTM Validation

Answer / Solution: 

Below is a scripted Validation method that displays a message box if running in Validation Step 2. During Server processing, or for any other Validation steps, it is not displayed. This can be used if you want to process a special check only for a defined Validation step. 

Note for the function to work the following is required:

  • Create a Single Field Script Validation Method named "CheckValidationStep"
  • Assign the Validation Method to a Validation Rule.
  • Ensure the Validation Rule is assigned to a field that is displayed in KTM Validation 2.
Private Sub CheckValidationStep_Validate(ByVal pValItem As CASCADELib.ICscXDocValidationItem, _
                                         ByRef ErrDescription As String, _
                                         ByRef ValidField As Boolean)

   If (Project.ScriptExecutionMode = CscScriptModeValidationDesign Or _
     Project.ScriptExecutionMode = CscScriptModeValidation) And _
     Project.ScriptExecutionInstance = 2 Then
      ' this part is only executed during validation step 2
      MsgBox ("This is validation step 2", vbOkOnly)
   End If
End Sub

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KTM 6.3 Scripting
KTM 6.2 Scripting


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