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*** Archive *** Dialog windows in KTM Thin Client Validation can be moved out of the visible area of the browser window and cannot be retreived

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How can I restore original position of a dialog window in thin client validation, when I accidently moved it out the accessible range?



Go to browser settings and delete cookies.

Or, if not all cookies can be deleted, KtsSessionId must be deleted in order to be able to reload the site with original settings.

In e.g. Chrome browser go to "Settings", "Privacy & Security", "Cookies & Other Site Data", "See all Cookies & Site Data", then select the Thin Client Server and remove the cookie for KtsSessionId.

After this, please re-open the browser and thin client validation and the original position of the dialog is restored.


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KTM Thin Client Validation 6.4    



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Article # 3026999
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