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*** Archive *** Is load balancing supported with multiple Thin Client Servers?

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Question / Problem:

Is load balancing supported with multiple Thin Client Servers?

Answer / Solution:

Yes. To support a clustered environment with multiple Thin Client Servers, a load standard balancer needs to be placed in from of the cluster, and then all clients use the URL of the load balancer to connect to the Thin Client Server.


IMPORTANT: Any software or hardware-based load balancing solution can be used, as long as it supports sticky sessions. For best results, use a Microsoft Load Balancer or Apache Tomcat for load balancing.

The Thin Client Server cluster requires sticky sessions to be enabled on the load balancer, as user sessions are not replicated inside the cluster. Sticky sessions are needed to ensure that an established connection between a user and the server always redirects HTTP requests from one particular user to the same server within the cluster. This ensures that the user is always directed back to the correct Batch and Document they are correcting, validating or verifying.

Each physical server running the Thin Client Server requires one Kofax Capture and one Kofax Transformation Modules instance to be installed on the same machine. This means that if you want to include multiple physical Thin Client Servers in a single cluster or web farm, you need to have the same number of Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Modules to be installed inside the cluster, one per server. All of these servers must be configured to use a shared database and a shared file system, which is a Kofax Capture requirement.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
AXPRO 5.0 Installation
AXPRO 5.5 Installation
AXPRO 6.0 Installation
AXPRO 6.1 Installation
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