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Step to Run KTM Client Installation

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Question / Problem:

When installing KTM the following message occurs:

Kofax Transformation Modules <KTM_Module_Name> cannot be automatically registered because of an unknown error. Please register manually. Error (RegAscEx.exe):3

How can I get past this issue and install KTM?

Answer / Solution:

On the client machine, open the command line with Administrator rights.

Navigate to the directory of the KTM installation files in the command line interface.

Once in the KTM install file directory, run:


Once the setup has installed KTM, reboot the machine and check if the KTM modules registered successfully. If they did not, register them manually, using the Custom Module Manager and the KTM AEX files.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
KTM 6.2 Installation
KTM 6.3 Installation
KTM 6.4 Installation
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