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Accessing User ID during "Batch InteractiveClosing" Event

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Question / Problem: 

Is there a method by which we may restrict specific users from closing batches in KTM thin client validation, allowing only for suspension?

Answer / Solution: 

In script, it is possible to get the user processing the batch.

1) The logged in user name in Validation is stored in the batch XValue "AC_BATCH_USERNAME" if User Profiles is activated in Capture. This name can be extracted via script: 



These correspond to the Kofax Capture Values, "{Operator Name}", "{User Name}" and "{Operator User ID}".

If using KTM Thin Client Server (TCS), and if User Profiles is not activated, the results are different. 

If User Profiles has not been activated in Kofax Capture, the "AC_BATCH_USERNAME" will probably be "NETWORK SERVICE". Or, if accessing the system's "USERNAME", this may result in a domain user name on the machine running TCS. 

Note that KTM TCS does not provide all the capabilities of the rich client KTM Validation. 

2) As you are trying to access this data from a batch level event, "Batch_InteractiveClosing" event, this value can be extracted from the corresponding XRootFolder. For example:


The following Kofax MindTouch article provides an example of doing so during the "Batch_Close" event: 

16748 - How can a field be set to the Windows or Capture user name of the user running KTM Validation? -

The following MindTouch article provides a listing of the Batch XValues that can be accessed: 

Batch XValues -

The listing of available data that can be retrieved from Capture in KTM: 

12181 - How can I pass extracted data from Kofax Capture to Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM)? -


Applies to:  

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KTM 6.3 Scripting
KTM  6.2 Scripting


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