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KTM Statistics Export Connector

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Question / Problem: 

What is the KTM Statistics Export Connector? 

Answer / Solution: 

The KTM Statistics Export Connector and its associated components are deprecated legacy components beginning with the release of KTM 6.0. They have not been updated since KTM 5.5 and updates and bug fixes are no longer being developed. It is a legacy item that has been succeeded by Kofax Analytics and Reporting. 

The last version of Windows tested was Windows Server 2012. Windows Server 2016 has not been tested. 

The user defined, this includes the user setting up the Export Connector and running the export service, for the KTM Statistics Export Connector must have full control over the statistics database directory. 

The KTM Statistics Export Connector has been superseded by Kofax Reporting and Kofax Analytics.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KTM  6.3 Feature
KTM 6.2 Feature