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What is the KTM language pack and when is it required?

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Question / Problem: 

What is the KTM language pack and when is it required? 

Answer / Solution: 

The language packs are separate components that can be added to KTM to localize the applications to a specific language, such as KTM Validation. They do not need to be installed on every workstation, only those workstations requiring localization for the user interface. 

For example, if using Spanish, the language pack for Spanish only needs to be installed on those Capture workstations in which the user desires a Spanish UI. 

It is for localization purposes of the modules and Project Builder UI and do not effect the KTM project itself. 

Projects can be be developed for multiple languages and do not require installation of any language pack. 


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KTM 6.3 Configuration
KTM 6.2 Configuration
KTM 6.1 Configuration