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How to enable logging for Validation, Verification or Document Review

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How to activate or enable logging for KTM Server, Validation, Verification, Correction, Knowledge Base Learning Server (KBLS) or Document Review?

Where can I find the debug log files?



There are 2 options to enable or change logging level of these modules.

Service Configuration

If KTM Server was installed then the tool Service Configuration exists in the Windows Start menu.

In a standard installation, it can be found here: c:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\CaptureSS\ServLib\Bin\Transformation\ServiceConfiguration.exe

It looks like this:

KTM Service Configuration_screenshot.jpg

On the right side you can change the logging level for each module. The files will be stored in Log file path.

The parameters are explained detail here.



Alternatively you can use the Windows registry directly as the logging values are stored here:



To collect the files you can use our log collector which can be found here.


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Article # 3040073
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