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How to test classification and extraction of a document in Project Builder

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How to test classification and extraction of a document in Project Builder?



  1. In the Windows start menu locate and start Project Builder
     start_menu_Project Builder.jpg
  2. Select an previously used project or select open to open an existing project
    Project Builder_new_or_open_project.jpg
  3. In the toolbar select the sheet View and make sure that Document Viewer and Extraction Results are selected. By doing this you will see the document and the extraction results.
    Project Builder - Toolbar - View.jpg
  4. In the documents panel either select Recent Documents or click the left red button to select an existing folderProject Builder - Documents_empty.jpg
  5. Afterwards you see the folder contents and your documents. This is called test set where you can test documents.Project Builder - Document Test Set.jpg
  6. Do a right click to show the context menu:
    Project Builder - Document - Context Menu.jpg
  7. Here you can select:
    • Recognize to run OCR, if OCR data does not exist
    • Classify: to perform classification.
    • Extract : Extraction is running existing locators. In the screenshot it is not enabled as the document needs to be classified first.
    • Process This will call Classify and Extract  afterwards automatically.
  8. Select Recognize and Process afterwards. In the column Classification Result you can see the document class. In the extraction results window (as activated in the beginning) you can see the fields and extracted values.
  9. If you want to test validation then select in the top ribbon bar Process > Test Panel > Validate

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