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How to verify if a document is a compliant PDF/A document

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How to verify if a document is a compliant with PDF/A standard?

The document is not shown correctly in KTM Project Builder, Validation or Thin client validation?


In the following link KTM supports only PDF/A files:

Here is written that "Kofax Transformation Modules support the PDF/A file format for document processing." and here is not written that we support normal PDF files. These PDF files may work but it is not for sure, so you might see incomplete text or no content.


If you want to verify your document then you can go and download the tool and run it offline on the specific document file, so you do not need to transmit a document to any website.

veraPDF is an open source PDF/A validator built with funding form the European Union’s PREFORMA project.



If you process non-PDF/A files then you can use Kofax Capture and convert all PDF files to TIF images. See batch class properties > Advanced > Import options > Treat imported PDF files as TIFF images.

Or you can use Kofax Import Connector (KIC) to convert the file to a PDF/A document.

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