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Is it possible to add pages within KTM Validation (or Document Review) via script?

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Is it possible to add Pages within KTM Validation (or Document Review) via script?

When trying to do so, I receive an error message:

Script execution has been stopped because of runtime error: Project: Line xxxx, Offset x, (&Hxxxxxxxx) This operation is currently not permitted. (Additional info: CustomMenuClicked)



KTM Validation and Document Review do not provide any supported features to add Pages or Documents via script. Only the existing menu selections can be used to add Pages to a Batch in Validation.

KTM operates as Custom Modules within Kofax Capture.

A Batch in Kofax Capture only allows the Scan and Quality Control (QC) modules to add Pages to a Batch/Document.

KTM Validation includes a menu item to add a Page or Document as a convenience, but it is not recommended to make use of it on a regular basis. This feature is provided as a convenience for occasionally adding Pages to a Batch. If the Batch structure must be addressed on a regular basis by the Validation user, it indicates that the workflow for KTM should be re-examined.


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Article # 3035479
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