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Licensing - When is a KTM page license decremented

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When is a KTM page license decremented?


Generally, anytime any KTM operation is performed on a page.

At least one license is taken per document as KTM is used (even if "nothing" should be done with the document).

Separation, classification, extraction or any other action that KTM does over the image causes that KTM page license is taken.



To reduce the KTM license usage you can do the following:

  1. have the document separated outside KTM - separation makes all pages in a batch compare against set, so license is taken for all pages in the batch.
  2. have specified default class - classification needs to compare page/text/layout against training set so the license is taken for pages that were used for classification (first page/all pages). If class there is a locator specify the region, e.g. first page only.
  3. To not perform OCR (as this is done on demand by KTM) use the suppress OCR by using SuppressOCR property on CDoc.Pages collection - OCR performed on document also takes KTM page license

The code to use is:

Private Sub Document_BeforeProcessXDoc(pXDoc As CASCADELib.CscXDocument)
  Dim index As Long
  For index = 1 To pXDoc.CDoc.Pages.Count-1
    pXDoc.CDoc.Pages(index).SuppressOCR = True
  Next index
End Sub

Note: SuppressOCR does not work on first page.

Note: This does not work with PDF files if they may contain PDF Text because the PDF text from all pages will be extracted at once. It works, if you have disabled in the batch class in the KTM extended synchroniztion settings the option to import PDF-Text. By doing this the OCR engine will be used on pages where SuppressOCR was not set.


If you want to verify the license usage then you can use the the license utility or check this article.

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