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Locator DB - How does the fuzzy database locator work regarding search masks

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How does the fuzzy database locator work regarding search masks?


The database locator performs 2 steps to find out the matches on the document:

  1. All words in the specified regions of the page(s) are used to find matches regarding all selected columns from the database configuration.
  2. Afterwards the confidence is calculated by all search masks on their own and the additional parameters in the locator.

As the search masks are not regarded in step 1 it may be required to use additional databases with a better matching database column selection.

For example, it might help to have a database for the DB Locator and another database using same source but different search columns for the Validation lookup buttons.


So to get better results, select only columns in the database configuration window which will be required for searching.

In the following window, some unimportant columns for searching were unselected: the internal data won't be on any documents nor might a user search for it.



The GUI is explained here in item "Search".


The 2 steps are the same, if you are using KSMS for searching.

At the moment (up to KSMS 6.9) step 1 is performed only on KSMS, step 2 on the running application (e.g. KTM Server).

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