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Performance - Kofax Capture and KTM performance over VPN is low

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When using Kofax Capture (and KTM) then the performance over VPN is very slow.

Loading a batch in validation is taking a long time.


Kofax Capture server and clients are only supported in a LAN environment. The reason is that a low latency and high network speed are required for file and database access. Using a virtual private network (even fiber) might be too slow to emulate disk access and access database fast enough.

From the KC installation guide:

Note: Deployment of a client/server installation across a WAN is not supported.

Note: Workstation installations are not supported over a WAN. In this case, use a KCNS remote site installation.



You have some options:

  1. You can use KCNS (Kofax Capture Network Server). By using this the batches are transferred in the background to the other side (e.g. another country or your user) and then the users can work with normal speed. Afterwards the batch can be transferred back in the background to the Central site and exported.
  2. You can use KTM thin client, e.g. for KTM correction, validation and verification.
  3. You can add remote desktop solutions, so external users can work locally but see content remotely.


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Article # 3046085
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