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Scripting - Thin Client - Display a message box

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How to display a message box in thin client validation / verification?



The command MsgBox only works on rich client as it calls the basic method to display a window. The same happens in thin client validation but: the window is shown on the server in an invisible area. As the window cannot be closed by a user the process waits all the time.

At the moment there is no extra command to show a dialog box in the browser. Enhancement Request 563819 already exists.

There is a workaround to use the err.raise command like this:

Err.Raise(777,"Script","<br><br><br><br><font size='+1'>Hello world!<br>Thank you!</font><br><br><br><br><br>")

If this is called in script, e.g. when a button is pressed, then this will be shown to the user:

thin client_error_box.jpg


The code to display a message and to consider, if it is executed in thin client or rich client could look like this:

Public Sub MessageBox(Text As String)
   If Project.ScriptExecutionModuleType=CscScriptModuleTypeThinClient Then
      Err.Raise(777,"Script","<br><br><br><br><font size='+1'>"+Text+"</font><br><br><br><br><br>")
   End If
End Sub

Please keep in mind that it is only a workaround and may not work in all script events and it may not work or cause problems in newer versions. If possible try to use validation methods first.

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Kofax Transformation Module 6.x      


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Article # 3039971
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