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Steps to properly restart the KTM Server Scheduler Service

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What are the steps for properly restarting the KTM Server Scheduler Service?



The KTM Server Scheduler Service spawns child processes for various functions as part of normal processing. When restarting the Server Scheduler Service one must verify that all of these child processes are also stopped before the Server Scheduler Service is restarted.


Follow the steps below to properly restart the KTM Server Scheduler Service:

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. Verify “Show processes from all users” is Checked
  3. Locate “ServerSchedulerService.exe” in the Processes Tab of Task Manager
  4. Right-click on the executable and select “End Process Tree”
  5. Once completed, look for the child processes, “ExtractionProcess.exe”, “MailroomProcess.exe” and "RecognitionProcess.exe" in the Processes Tab, and if any are found to be running, end each of them by selecting “End Process Tree”

To validate that the service is stopped, open Windows Services and note that the “KTM Server Scheduler Service” should now show as stopped.

At this point, it is now time to start the “KTM Server Scheduler Service” by selecting “Start” in Windows Services.


NOTE: This article applies only when restarting the service in Windows Task Manager, and not when the server machine is restarted.


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