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Disable user credential

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Web / ThinClient ask for user credential.



Disable user credential requests in web.config
It is possible to configure how the Thin Client Server behaves with respect to single sign-on. The default
behavior is to use single sign-on and no additional log on windows are displayed.
If the web.config entry is set to False, an additional log on window is available when single sign-on fails.
The enables users to log on directly when necessary.
You can disable the single sign-on behavior by following these steps:
1. Open the Web.config file, that is located in the installation directory.
For example, the default installation path for the Thin Client Server is <Program Files>\Kofax
2. Locate the AuthenticationAsSingleSignOnOnly parameter and set it to True or False as
3. Save the web.config file.
4. Launch one of the Thin Client modules to test the log on behavior.


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Kofax Transformation Module 6.4      



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Article # 3043563
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