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Thin Client - KTM Thin Client Available Batches window shows only up to 100 Batches

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When more than 100 Batches are in the KTM Validation / Correction / Verification queue, why does the KTM Thin Client Available Batches window only show 100 Batches?



By default, the Available Batches window in the KTM Thin Client is limited to displaying 100 Batches to ensure a reasonably quick response time.



This limit can be raised so that a user can see more Batches, however it may cause the Available Batches window to take longer to display.

This setting can be changed in the KCThinClientModule.exe.config file, which is located in the Capture Bin directory.

Within the KCThinClientModule.exe.config file, search for the ListOfBatchesMaxNumber setting. This setting defaults to 100 and can be increased with the caveat that the higher the number, the longer the response from the server may take.

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Kofax Transformation Module 6.x      


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Article # 3039296
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