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What are some limits of KTM environments

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What are some limits of KTM environments?



Server Scheduler Service 

Maximum 16 cores therefore 16 parallel processes of each "type."

The service uses automatic logic to make the best use of available cores (chooses between parallel Batches, Documents and Pages) but this can be influenced using Registry settings.

Thin Client Server 

50 simultaneous users per server installation can use multiple installations and load balancing if a single URL is required.

Number of classes/fields per project 

Same as the Kofax Capture limits or higher if multiple KTM classes/fields are synchronized to one KC Form Type/field.

Foldering Process 

Up to 10 levels of folders including the root folder are supported.

Nested Classes 

9 levels of Document Class/script in the KTM hierarchy including the Project level are supported.

Upper limit of KSMS databases in terms of maximum number of records 

There is no known limit. The memory the loading of a DB uses depends on the number of rows and columns and also the amount of content in each column. 50 million records (with 5 to 10 columns) have been tested with very fast results.

Approximate time to "dump" a relational database to CRP based on size of database/number of records/columns 

KSMS does the same as Project Builder. KSMS dumps the DB table to a text file and imports it into CRP. So the performance is also the same. 1 million records can take up to 45 min.

Number of classes can in an AFC/Layout Classifier for it to function effectively 

There is no limit related to performance, as it scales linearly. However, distinguishing documents based on text into a granularity of more than 500 classes is impossible even for humans in most cases.

The Layout classifier is definitely capable of handling more than 1,000 classes, as that is what is occurring internally for specific Online Learning for thousands of invoice layouts.


Level of Complexity 



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