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Why might KTM Server not process Batches; or open a Batch and then just stop?


QAID # 14125 Published 

Question / Problem:

Why might KTM Server not process Batches, or open a Batch and then just stop?

Answer / Solution:

The Kofax Transformation Modules - Server Scheduler Service requires administrative privileges as well as network access to any paths used in the KTM project or the Kofax Capture configuration.

Most problems with the Kofax Transformation Modules - Server Scheduler Service can be resolved by ensuring that the account running the service is a domain account with appropriate network permissions, as well as being added to the Local Administrators group on the machine(s) running KTM Server. Please note that when running the module, the service is still used and so this information is still applicable.

If KTM Server does not process Batches, or if it just opens a Batch and then stops, there will likely be errors reported in Capture\Local\Logs\ServerScheduler.txt.

Examples of these errors are below:

ExtractionProcessProxy | There was no endpoint listening at 
that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP 
Could not connect to net.tcp://localhost:5000/SchedulerSessionPipe. The connection 
attempt lasted for a time span of 00:00:00.9844002. TCP error code 10061: No 
connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
BatchProcessingProxy 1 | There was an error reading from the pipe: The pipe has been 
ended. (109, 0x6d).
BatchProcessingProxy 1 | The communication object, 
System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because 
it is in the Faulted state.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
AXPRO 5.0 Server