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Challenges with Extraction Set

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Customer tried to import all document to Extraction set but it seems that there's some problem as opening document generate an error message.

An error has occured while attempting to open the selected document set. The document set or some of its documents may have been deleted or it is corrupt. Please confirm that the document set and its documens are available and try again.

What could be the reason for this and how we could get this fixed?



When working with document sets (like importing new samples etc.) can happen that the internal database file DocStorage.ds gets corrupted and does not show actual data.



Try to right-click document in Extraction Set and select option Open in XDoc Browser. If error dialog Could not open file is displayed, check the path mentioned in this dialog, if the file really exists. It could be that it exists in different folder. If ot, delete the document from Extraction Set manually. If the file exists and there are not much of them, delete the document in Extraction Set manually and add it again. If there are many of such files, then:

  • close project in all KTM apps (PRoject Builder, KTM Server etc.)
  • delete DocStorage.ds file in ExtractionTraining subfolder
  • open project in PRoject Builder again and confirm error message about missing document set - DocStorage.ds file gets re-created, with actual files content


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Article # 3041485