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SQLite error: table T Doc has 10 columns but 9 values were supplied

Article # 3035829 - Page views: 6

Article # 3035829 - Page views: 6


What does it mean when KnowledgeBase Learning Server (KBLS) returns error:

SQLite error: table T_Doc has 10 columns but 9 values were supplied



This is most likely an issue related to the "*.DS" file within the Online Learning folder. The "*.DS" file acts as the database for the files being used.

The error shows up when KBLS is trying to get copies of documents for Online Learning (OLL). When trying to update the corresponding database of these documents, that is being managed in the relevant "*.DS" file in the OLL folder, it gives this error.

  1. For batches that have encountered this error, the batch can be unrejected, if in a rejected or error state, and that batch forwarded to the next queue, such as as the Kofax Capture Export Connector. (KBLS is not critical for the processing of the batch)
  2. For new batches, the simplest and safest way to get around this error is to make use of a new OLL folder:
    1. In the KTM project, change the OLL folder to a new one. (For example, if the OLL folder is "OnlineLearnClass", change it to "OnlineLearnClass2").
    2. Save the project, synchronize it with the Batch Class, and publish it.

All new batches will now use the new OLL folder and should not get this error. The original OLL folder can then be used by the KTM administrator to import the documents already in it.

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