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SQLite error: table T Doc has 10 columns but 9 values were supplied

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What does it mean when KnowledgeBase Learning Server (KBLS) returns this error:

SQLite error: table T_Doc has 10 columns but 9 values were supplied


If you have got a KTM 6.2 or older project and you open the project with KTM 6.3 or newer in Project Builder, then the KB learning files in the online folder are upgraded directly.

This relates to the *.ds file within the Online Learning folder. The *.ds file acts as the database for the files being used.

During the upgrade a new column is added. This normally happens if a user would like to test the project with a newer KTM version than the productive system. As soon as the KBLS with the old KTM version would like to access the .ds file it will fail and report this error.

To find out what DocStorage.ds is causing the issue, open the file in a viewer or editor and search for the text encrypted. If it is found then this file contains the additional column.

This problem was reported as bug.


If possible upgrade all stations using KTM to the newer version. By doing this the existing online learning data can still be used.

If this is a production system with KTM 6.1/6.2 then stop using KTM 6.3 or newer on the same system as this will result in the same problem again.

If you cannot upgrade to a newer version then you can:

  1. either install a backup of the online learning folder
  2. move all files in the online learning folder to a different folder. You can use this folder later to add new files to the project.
    Afterwards you need to open the project in Project Builder, go to the Project settings, remove the check box "Enabled Online Learning", click okay, go to the settings again and set the check box "Enable Online Learning" and confirm to the create files again. This will create an empty document set ready to for KBLS. Verify if the docstorage.ds file size is greater than 10 kBytes. If the file size is 0 then you need to do it again.
  3. Create a new support case and provide the impacted DocStorage.ds file(s). The additional column can be removed with a tool.


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Kofax Transformation Modules 6.1, 6.2      



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