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Thin Client image loading size

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During some investigations regarding other issue (reported in a different case), we have noticed that when an image is loaded for display in Thin Client, the size of transferred image is quite larger than the original image. For example, when loading an image of 1.4MB (in Images\BatchID\200 folder), the browser transfers 11MB, almost 10x larger.
I have attached some print screens.
Is this a normal behavior? Is there a setting to limit the transferred traffic in KTM Thin Client?
This might impact the overall performance of Thin Client.



In KTM Thin Client are the documents displayed as PNG images (as web browers do not support TIFF images). It is normal behavior of PNG when used for color images that their size is bigger wen compared to other compression algorithms.



Since KTM Thin Client 6.4 we are now using JPEG compression when displaying the documents, so the size is improved. Other possibility is to enable conversion of color documents into bitonal images, by setting HandleImagesBitonal property in Thin Client web.config file into True.


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