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How often is full page OCR executed on a Document in Xtrata Pro?


QAID # 8963 Published

Question / Problem:

How often is full page OCR executed on a Document in Xtrata Pro?

Answer / Solution:

In Xtrata Pro, OCR is only performed on demand. That means that whenever a component (like Classification, or a locator) needs OCR on a page, it is performed. If, for example, there only is a layout classifier and a few zone locators, full page OCR is not needed and will not be performed.

If, on a certain page, full page OCR has been performed, it will not be done again. All components try to re-use previous OCR results. This keeps the overall performance optimal.

Note: If you want to use Point & Click or rubber band functionality in Validation to fill data fields, you have to take care that full page OCR is done on all pages where this functionality is desired. This can be achieved by inserting a format locator (with no special format) at project level. The format locator will call OCR on demand for all pages where it is used.

Applies To: 

Product Version Category
AXPRO 3.0 Configuration
AXPRO 3.0 Image Classifier
AXPRO 3.0 Project Builder
AXPRO 3.0 Validation
AXPRO 3.1 Configuration
AXPRO 3.1 Image Classifier
AXPRO 3.1 Project Builder
AXPRO 3.1 Validation
AXPRO 3.5 Configuration
AXPRO 3.5 Image Classifier
AXPRO 3.5 Project Builder
AXPRO 3.5 Validation
AXPRO 4.0 Configuration
AXPRO 4.0 Image Classifier
AXPRO 4.0 Project Builder
AXPRO 4.0 Validation