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After upgrading to KTM 6.2, getting the following error: The reference could not be added. CE882FA9-3723-4819-B45D-9DA565487491 C:\Program Files\Common Files\LCI\Components\DatabaseDialog.tlb


Question / Problem: 

After upgrading to KTM 6.2, the following error is encountered when accessing the Transformation project: 

Error : -- Script execution has been stopped because of runtime error: 
Project: Line 5, Offset 1, The reference could not be added. '{CE882FA9-3723-4819-B45D-9DA565487491}#3.5#0#C:\Program Files\Common Files\LCI\Components\DatabaseDialog.tlb#Kofax Transformation ..."

Answer / Solution: 

Previous versions of KTM included the Database Dialog Utility customization. This is a COM visible object taking the form of a DLL and TLB: "DatabaseDialog.dll" and "DatabaseDialog.tlb".

The Database Dialog Utility customization is no longer supported and has been superseded by the Database Lookup button feature in the Validation Form beginning with KTM 4.0. 

Though this feature is no longer supported by Kofax, the references required for it have been installed along with KTM for legacy purposes. 

Beginning with KTM 6.3, this customization will be removed. It will not be installed and any projects making use of it will not work. 

Beginning with KTM 6.2, to make users aware that this customization will be removed, the automatic registration of this DLL has been removed from the KTM installation process. 

The system administrators and developers can manually register this customization with the Windows operating system: 

  1. Launch Command Prompt as Admin
  2. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Kofax\Components
  3. Execute this command, C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe /codebase /tlb DatabaseDialog.dll
  4. Launch the Project and add the scripted database lookup reference (databasedialog.tlb) in script references.
  5. Check or enable the "Kofax Transformation Database Lookup" NOTE: It will first list as "databasedialogue 11"; however, scrolling up or down will refresh to display the proper name".
  6. Save project, synchronize and publish the batch class.
  7. Perform an "Update Batch Class" in Batch Manager for the change to take effect (NOTE: Some batches may need to be recreated) 

Once the DLL is registered in this manner on each machine accessing the project, this customization will become available. 

This must be registered with Administrative rights on each machine that must access the KTM project. This includes KTM Servers and UI modules such as KTM Validation and Document Review. 

Note that when loading a project in Project Builder that makes use of this feature, the developer is presented with a warning, "The scripted database lookup window is deprecated". The developer is asked to "Please use the built-in database lookup window".

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KTM 6.0 Project Builder
KTM 6.1 Project Builder
KTM 6.2 Project Builder


Author:  Neil Alcorn