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Why is a DropTable: statement 'DROP table Rep_00000001_0'; error error message in the ServerScheduler.txt log file?


QAID # 19286 Published

Question / Problem:

Why is aDropTable: statement 'DROP table Rep_00000001_0', error error message in the ServerScheduler.txt ​​​​log file?

Answer / Solution:

The cause of this message is due to the new Kofax Capture Reporting feature that has not yet been fully implemented in Kofax Capture. KTM is attempting to access a table, used for the Reporting feature, to which it does not have access.

Beginning with KC 10 SP1 Fix Pack 2, the Kofax Capture Reporting feature can be disabled to avoid the message with the following procedure:

  1. Stop all running KC applications.
  2. Add a tag to the ACConfig.xml file:
    <Reporting Enable="0"/>
  3. Restart the KC applications.
  4. To enable the Reporting feature again, delete the Reporting tag from ACConfig.xml or set the Enable attribute to "1"

The message is cosmetic and has no bearing on the operation of KTM. The behaviour is fixed in KTM 6 and is reported in SPR00114509.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
AXPRO 5.5 Server