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What are the differences between the KTM Validation rich client versus the KTM Thin Client Validation modules?


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Question / Problem:

What are the differences between the KTM Validation rich client versus the KTM Thin Client Validation modules?

Answer / Solution:

Beginning on the bottom of page 335 of the KTM 4.5 Configuration Guide:

There are several differences between Validation and Thin Client Validation.

The biggest difference is that Thin Client Validation runs in a Web browser while Validation requires software to be installed on the operator's computer.

Other differences:

  • This is a Web-based application so you need to log on.
  • There is no status bar at the bottom of the window. Instead, there is a status footer inside the Web browser window.
  • There are no module Options so you cannot configure batches to open automatically, change the “End of Batch Behavior”, or other batch settings.
  • Pressing F1 launches the Web browser Help and not the Thin Client Validation Help. Instead, you will need to click on the Help option inside the application.
  • Panels cannot be floated. Instead, unnecessary frames can be collapsed to maximize the space available to other frames.
  • You cannot use masking on the validation form.
  • You cannot customize the toolbar, or rearrange the order of the toolbar. Folders are not supported.
  • You will not see custom field labels on the validation form. All fields are displayed with the field name assigned in Extraction Design by the solution integrator.
  • You cannot rotate images.
  • Kofax Capture Single sign-on is not supported.
  • Partial Batch Release is not supported.
  • If you are running multiple steps of validation, Thin Client Validation cannot be used.
  • You cannot edit the batch structure (split, merge, move documents and pages)
  • You cannot toggle automatic focus on or off.
  • There is no In Place Editor.
  • You cannot double-click on a word in the image to validate a field (clicking will still add the text).
  • Some script hooks are not available based on validation form events. For more information, refer to the Scripting Help.
  • Tables sums are not supported.
  • Thin Client Validation does not support the “Use as display field” option in Synchronization. Instead, the display name is the form type.

Applies to:

Product  Version  Category 
AXPRO 4.5 Validation
AXPRO 4.5 Web Validation