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Inserting an ImageControls Toolkit control into a project results in error Invalid License Information


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Question / Problem:

Inserting An ImageControls Toolkit control (KScan, KImgp, KForm) into a project, such as placing a control on a form in Visual Basic, results in the following error:

Invalid License Information

Answer / Solution:

License files are required to develop applications with the ImageControls. These licenses are required for development only, and are not required for to run a application. Detailed information is available in the ImageControls 3 Programmer's Guide, Chapter 2 Building Your Application in the section License Files on page 19.

The license files (*.LIC) should be located in the ImageControls BIN folder. The default location for this folder would be .\Program Files\Kofax\imgctls\BIN. These files will have the extension ".LIC".

These files will have to be located in the same folder in which the OCX files are installed (KSCN3032.OCX, KVIW3032.OCX, KMGP3032.OCX and so on).

If multiple copies of the OCX files exist or the license files are not located in the same folder as the OCX files, this will produce a "Invalid License Information" error.

These controls will also have to be registered correctly in the system. The controls are registered during the installation process of the ImageControls / Adrenaline Runtime.

If the license files are not in the appropriate folder, the most likely problem is that the ImageControls 3 Toolkit was not installed only the Adrenaline (ImageControls) Runtime.

  1. Test to verify that the hardware and drivers are working through the demonstration utility VCDEM32P.EXE. This will be located under the Kofax ImageControls window (Start | Programs | Kofax ImageControls). If the scanner is working through this setup, it would indicate that the drivers and hardware are properly installed.
    If the scanner is not working through VCDEM32P.EXE, it would indicate that a problem exists with the drivers or hardware.
  2. If the license files do not exist, this would most likely indicate that the ImageControls 3 Toolkit was not installed and that only the ImageControls / Adrenaline Runtime has been installed.

The KView and KPrnt controls do not require a license file beginning with the Adrenaline Runtime v3.65 release.

The KScan control requires the IC300S.LIC file (Standard).

The KImgp control requires the IC300G.LIC file (Gold).

The KForm control requires the IC300P.LIC file (Platinum).

The only way to obtain the license files is through the ImageControls 3 Toolkit CD.

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ICTOOLKIT 3.0 Licensing
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