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Distributing an Application built using Kofax ImageControls 3 Toolkit


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Question / Problem:

I have created a application using Kofax's ImageControls 3 Toolkit. How should it be distributed?

Answer / Solution:

When distributing your application, no Kofax ImageControls files should be distributed with it. This especially includes the license files or development versions of the controls as this is in direct violation of the software license agreement.

The ImageControls Toolkit comes with license files to develop with ImageControls. These license files are required for development purposes only,and are not required to run an application. These files may not be distributed with a developer's application.

Regretfully, Kofax does not support custom installations of the ImageControls Runtime files. All users of an application developed with ImageControls are required to install the Adrenaline controller or engine with the appropriate Adrenaline Runtime. This includes the Adrenaline 450/650/650i or EH-850 or EH- 1700 with appropriate drivers. It also includes the ImageControls Runtime that comes with the ImageControls Toolkit or a software engine, such as Adrenaline Image Processing Engine(AIPE) and Kofax VRS.

The end user should not have to worry about installing any other files from Kofax, only the application from the developer.

When creating a installation package using the Visual Studio Packaging and Deployment Wizard, the developer will be prompted about information concerning the Kofax ImageControls, such as the dependency information.

Do not include any dependencies when packaging your application for distribution.

When the developer is first packaging the application, they will probably be prompted with the 'Missing Dependency Information' dialog box. When this occurs, simply click on the OK button and continue on. Later on during this process a 'Package and Deployment Wizard - Included Files' dialog box will appear — uncheck all of the Kofax OCX files (KVIW3032.OCX, KSCN3032.OCX, KMGP3032.OCX, KFRM3032.OCX and KPRT3032.OCX) and continue on with the process. This will not include any of the Kofax files for the application with the process of packaging and deploying your application.

The Visual Studio Packaging and Deployment Wizard will create a script for this application for future use. If later, the application is packaged again for distribution, this Wizard will default to this script, and unless the developer changes the settings when running this Wizard, the application will be packaged without any Kofax files included.

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