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KView Zones Cannot be Saved


QAID # 9696 Published

Question / Problem:

Is it possible to save the zoned portion of an image displayed in the KView control?

Answer / Solution:

No, ImageControls does not provide a capability to save the zones that are available with the KView control. These zones are not part of the actual image, but only function as a "mask" for display purposes.

The KView control does not provide the ability to write data, only to read data and display it. It also does not provide any capability to cut or copy a portion of an image to the clipboard or memory.

The KScan control can be used to import an image with the use of a Picking Rectangle to clip the desired portion of the image. The coordinates of the zone on the KView control can be mapped to the desired Picking rectangle within the KScan control.

This process will require that the image be imported using the KScan control.

As only one Picking Rectangle may be defined per page, if multiple zones are to be saved, it will require that this process be performed once for each zone.

The use of Picking Rectangles with the ImageControls Toolkit is covered in greater detail in QAID 4932.

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