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Retrieving table which contains n rows warning when selecting a Database Lookup field that contains more than 10000 items


Question / Problem:

In Kofax Express, selecting a Database Lookup field that contains more than 10,000 items results in the following warning message, where (n) is the number of total items:

Retrieving table, which contains (n) rows.  Click OK to continue, or click Cancel to minimize the delay and switch to "Load matching rows only".

Answer / Solution:

Kofax Express will warn the user if the number items in a Database Lookup field is greater than 10,000.  Clicking OK will cause Kofax Express to display all the items.  The more items in the database lookup results, the more memory Kofax Express will consume.  If the number of items exceeds the amount of available memory, an OutofMemory exception will occur and Kofax Express may crash. 


Clicking Cancel will cause Kofax Express to switch to "Load matching rows only" in an attempt to minimize the amount of data retrieved from the database.  This will result in less of a delay retrieving the data and less memory being consumed.


The choice list warning threshold of 10000 is not configurable.  This issue has been documented in TFS 549469.


Applies to: 

Product Version Category
Express 3.1 Database Lookup
Express 3.2 Database Lookup