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Export to Sharepoint fails if Sharepoint automatically renames exported files


Question / Problem: 

Exporting a batch from Kofax Express 3.2 to Microsoft Sharepiont fails if Sharepoint automatically renames the exported files. 

Answer / Solution: 

During the Kofax Express export procedure, the Kofax Export Connector for Sharepoint will upload the documents to the Sharepoint server and check them out so it can update the the document properties.  However, if a file is uploaded that shares a filename with another file that already exists in the target Sharepoint location, Sharepoint will automatically rename the exported file.  When Express attempts to check out the document and update its properties, it can no longer find the files that Sharepoint has renamed.  The specific order of events is as follows: 

  1. Kofax Express tries to check out the uploaded document if a file with the same name already exists on Sharepoint server.
  2. Express uploads the PDF document to Sharepoint by calling this Sharepoint API to replace the existing document with the new one: Copy.CopyIntoItems(…)
  3. The Sharepoint server renames the uploaded document.
  4. Express tries to check out the uploaded document if it is not checked out at #1. Express updates the properties of the uploaded document
  5. This causes an error since the document does not exist anymore due to the re-naming.

**Express is working as designed. The target Sharepoint location must be configured to NOT automatically rename files.


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