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FolderScan speed limits with Kofax Express license levels


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Question / Problem:

How do the various Kofax Express license levels impact the speed at which FolderScan will process images in Kofax Express?

Answer / Solution:

The FolderScan feature will work with all Kofax Express license levels, including a demo license. All of the FolderScan functionality will remain the same for all license levels. What will change based on the license level used, is the maximum speed at which FolderScan can operate.

Please see the table below for details regarding the maximum speed at which FolderScan can operate based on the license being used:

License Level  Maximum Speed at which Kofax Express can import files, rated in images per minute (ipm) 
Desktop 30 ipm
Workgroup 60 ipm
Low-Volume Production 90 ipm
Mid-Volume Production 120 ipm
High-Volume Production 150 ipm
Super High-Volume Production Unlimited
15-Day Evaluation Mode 30 ipm
15-Day Grace Period Limit as per above based on license level
Demo Mode Unlimited – Note: A demo stamp will be applied to each image imported.

It is important to note that the above ipm speeds are the maximum speed at which FolderScan can operate with the specified license level. It does not necessarily mean that FolderScan will operate at that maximum speed at all times. Factors such as PC hardware and the complexity of the images being imported can slow down the FolderScan process.

For details on FolderScan with Kofax Express, please review the Application Note — Kofax Express 2.x FolderScan.

Applies to:

Product  Version  Category 
Express 2.0 Folderscan
Express 2.5 Folderscan
Express 3.0 Folderscan
Express 3.1 Folderscan
Express 3.2 Folderscan
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